The latest instalment of our FAMOUS 8 week challenges is BACK! Drop your details below and let us tell you a bit more.

EVERYTHING we do at Munro Fitness & Nutrition is based around transforming your lifestyle. ANYONE can lose weight. That's the EASY PART. Think about it...... How many times have you lost weight in the past? Most people we work with have been yo-yo dieting their way through life for 5/10/15/30+ YEARS!

You know how to LOSE weight. The part you don't know how to do is.... MAINTAIN IT.

We don't want you to be someone that just eats healthily when they want to drop a bit of weight. We WILL teach you how to BECOME the type of person that CHOOSES to maintain a balanced diet. Let us TEACH you how to find that balance between the things you WANT and the things you NEED so you can find your way to dieting FREEDOM and long-term WEIGHT MAINTENANCE!


1 - Sign up

First, you're going to need a membership! Our challenges are open to 1-2-1 group coaching members only. This usually cost £19.99pm but we're going to give you a 25% DISCOUNT on your first 3 months.... keep reading!

3 - Calorie & Macro Goals

You will be shown how to determine your energy needs and how to create a balance of nutrition that allows you to LOSE WEIGHT, experience LESS HUNGER while simultaneously teaching you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY how to MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT once you reach your GOAL!

2 - Start Learning!

After sign-up you'll gain INSTANT ACCESS to our Facebook coaching platforms. You'll start to work through our PROVEN fat-loss guide just as over 5000 of our members have before you.

4 - ENROL!

The ENROLMENT period for our latest challenge opens on the 1st of AUGUST and CLOSES at midnight on the 10th of August. The criteria of the challenge will be based around what we just talked about on number 3: Your calories and macro goals and a few other things!
One of our recent transformations that was posted to our coaching platform. 

Ashleigh joined a few weeks after the start of out last challenge so she just missed out, but here is what she achieved simply following out guidance in the group. 

No incentives.
No challenges.
No additional motivation. 

Simply putting in to practice everything that we teach an encourage at Munro Fitness!
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